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W Norwegii na małych łódkach

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Hello from Norway
In 2008 I was on Expo nautique de Paris looking for the Eric Henseval yacht "Souriceau". But it was very expensive. Later I ordered a Krill2 from another deliver. The plan was to sail to Shetland. In 2013 I tried
It is made in stripplanking and epoxy, Polyester cloth inside and outside. I finnished it at home.
But I felt unshure about the lifting keel. Is it strong enough? It makes noises. So I gave up the blue sea and use it now as a trailer sailer in the summer. Sweden is nice.
But at the same time you polish guys make a super boat, good enough for crossing oceans, and also putting up a regatta on it. Sure it is painful and scary to be out there all alone, but to be that close to the elements is a very good close to heart experience.
Sailors today do not dear to sail over the atlantic in a small boat. In ARC the average ship length is 45ft. But you show what is possible, without any problems. In a boat that anybody? can make at home.
This is a beautiful kick to the stiff french dominans. I wish you all my best!
regards from Helge Stokstad
Smallboatsailor in Norway.

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